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These groups and organizations offer support to Northridge
 Schools, the students, teachers, and/or administration.
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Good news for students and members of the Northridge community. The idea for a Northridge Hall of Fame became a reality after many years of talk and discussion. A group of six Northridge teachers established the framework for the Northridge Hall of Fame that annually recognizes people who have made important contributions to our community, and who also serve as role models for the students of the Northridge School District. The overriding factor in deciding the direction for the Hall of Fame was a generally agreed need to provide positive influences for our students to observe and to interact with when possible. Upon this basic premise the committee will seek, with help from the public, individuals to recognize annually in October. Anyone may be considered who might be willing to share his or her experiences for success in life, and who meets our mission objective as described in the paragraphs that follow about the Northridge Hall of Fame. If you have someone in mind, please take a few minutes to help us by completing a nomination form that may be obtained from this website.

Mission: The mission of the Northridge Hall of Fame Committee is to recognize Northridge alumni, residents, ex school employees, and business people who have made a significant and distinguished contribution toward the beneficial growth of Northridge students or have distinguished themselves in their chosen field of endeavor resulting in honor and recognition for themselves and/or the Northridge community.

Purpose: The purpose of the Committee is to provide role models for Northridge students by publicly recognizing those individuals selected for the Northridge Hall of Fame and, when practical, to provide opportunities for interaction between the inductees and the students.

Hall of Fame - WEBSITE


Club #24-305
PO Box 131211
Dayton, OH 45413

Meetings Tuesdays at noon
See website below for meeting location.


Mission: Educating Today for Tomorrow’s Succes

What is the Northridge Polar Bear Foundation?

In April, 2007, retired Northridge High School teacher, Charles Barker and his wife Margaret, donated $7,500 as seed money for the establishment of the Northridge Polar Bear Foundation
. This generous act by Mr. Barker was soon followed by an $8,000 donation by the Northridge DVKH Optimist Club.

Nowadays, we frequently lack information on how to channel our generosity and community spirit. That’s where the Polar Bear Foundation can help. It is a tax-exempt, nonprofit, publicly supported foundation created to promote philanthropy. It encourages voluntary giving by an individual or group to benefit the Northridge School District.

According to the articles of incorporation, the purpose of the foundation is to accept and expend funds and to award grants for educational and curriculum enhancements for grades K-12.  While the Northridge Polar Bear Foundation is controlled by a board of trustees, the oversight of its operation and fund investment is provided by
The Dayton Foundation, which has served our region since 1921. This partnership allows for local governance while profiting from resources pooled with others for investment growth.

The Polar Bear Foundation is currently seeking contributions of all sizes to carry out its mission. Many options exist including gifts of cash, stocks, bonds and other assets. Please contact us today by phone at 937-225-996 to reach
Lucy Baker, Donor Relations Officer, or e-mail Lucy at
to make a contribution and reduce your tax burden.

Now is the time for Polar Bears past and present to once again show their true Northridge Pride! Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Since 1947 the Kiwanis have been dedicated to helping children around the world, one child at a time.

The Northridge Kiwanis meet at George's Family Restaurant on North Dixie Drive at 6:15 PM the first, second, and third Thursday of each month. The last Thursday of the month's meeting is held at the Northridge High School Conference Room. A Terrific Kid Award is presented to one child. Everyone enjoys a hearty meal including the Terrific Kid's family.

The Kiwanis care about family, friends, school, and children.

Come to a meeting and share a meal with the Kiwanis. Guest are always welcome.

For more information, contact Vaughn Beams at 937-233-1189. Leave your name and telephone number; your call will be returned.

Click Here to visit their website.

Contact - Northridge Local Schools, 2011 Timber Lane, Dayton, Ohio 45414, Phone : 937-278-2297, Fax : 937-276-8351
The Dave Herring Scholarship Fund can accept and expend funds for scholarship programs administered by Northridge High School. The fund is managed by The Dayton Foundation, a well known and respected non-profit organization. Consider The Dave Herring Scholarship Fund as you plan your charitable contributions. Contributions and gifts to The Dave Herring Scholarship Fund are tax deductable.

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 This club is for all parents, friends and community members that would like to help the football team with various activities. Our main activity right now is setting up pre-game meals on Fridays after school. If anyone is willing to help contact Coach Smith at 275-7469 ext. #2218. There are a Bear Booster Meetings right after the End Zone Club Meeting at 7:00 pm. This club is set-up to help all athletic teams throughout the year.
Help support our athletes!
B. Smith, Contact


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