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Northridge High School 
   Athletic Hall of Fame   
                               Originated 2009



Do you know of someone who should be considered for the Northridge High School Athletic Hall of Fame? Why not nominate that person now by CLICKING HERE and print your nomination form.

The Founder of The Athletic Hall of Fame
Phill Rench

Overview, Criteria & Selection
The Athletic Hall of Fame was created in 2009 to honor the very best in the history of Polar Bear athletics, in order to preserve the heritage and tradition of athletic excellence at Northridge High School.
This special honor will recognize members of the Northridge family who have distinguished themselves as outstanding contributors to athletics at Northridge High School and possibly beyond. 
The Northridge High School Athletic Hall of Fame will serve to honor student-athletes, coaches, and administrators, as well as longtime and distinctive supporters of the Athletic Department.
A nominee will be considered only if he/she meets the criteria listed below.
Nominees will be considered posthumously.
-       Nominee must be a graduate of Northridge High School
-       The candidate must have an outstanding past record in athletics while a student at Northridge High School, this is to includes members of the Girls Athletic Association (GAA)
-       Must have exhibited sportsmanship, character, and good citizenship on and off the field of play during high school years as well as after graduation
-       The candidate shall be eligible to be nominated no earlier than ten (10) years after their graduation.
-       The candidate must be free of violations of the law
-       The candidate must not be a member of the Selection Committee when considered for induction into the Hall of Fame.  If any Selections Committee member’s relative is nominated, the committee member will abstain from voting.
-       Nominees must have coached or been a staff member for at least seven (7) years at Northridge High School.
-       The nominee shall have demonstrated an ability to enhance the athletic experience of the student-athlete, while serving as a positive role model through exemplary leadership and character.
-       Coaches/Administrators may be a district employee at the time of nomination.
Friends of Athletics:
-       A nominee need not be a graduate or former employee of Northridge High School.
-       Strong consideration will be given to those nominees who have enhanced the experience of student-athletes at Northridge High School through their support.  The candidate shall have volunteered their time and/or resources for a minimum of five (5) years.
-       Nominees must be successful teams who have reached regional and state recognition for a given reason.
-       Teams must have had varsity status during the season for which they are being nominated.
-       Teams will be considered after a minimum of ten (10) years has elapsed from the last date of play for their nominated season.
Selection Committee: 
A.    The Athletic Hall of Fame Committee will consist of eleven (11) members.  The members will consist of the following:
-       1.  Current Principal of Northridge High School or their appointed representative.
-       2.  Current Athletic Director of Northridge High School or their appointed representative.
-       3.  Current  Board Member - (alternates each year)
-       4. & 5.  Current Varsity Coach of a Male and Female Team– (alternates each year)
-       6. & 7.  Members of the Northridge Booster Club
-       8. 9. 10. & 11.  At-Large community representatives who are appointed by majority selection from the set committee.
B.    All committee members (11) have full voting privileges concerning committee action.
C.   The committee shall elect within itself the following officers on an annual basis:  Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary (optional). A simple majority of those in attendance is necessary to elect an officer.
D.   Terms of membership to the committee shall be three (3).  The original selection process will fill vacancies or unexpired terms.  The exception to this rule is that the officers’ positions will be renewed annually.
E.     The official year for the committee will be November 1st to October 31st.
F.    Committee members and officers can be re-appointed or re-elected after a two (2) year absence.
G.   For the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee to conduct official business, a quorum of eight (8) members is necessary.  To change the by-laws, six of the eleven (11) votes would be needed.
H.   The purpose of the committee is to find nominees for the Athletic Hall of Fame and select inductees into the Athletic Hall of Fame.  This committee shall also review the criteria on an annual basis to see if additions or corrections should be made.
Selection Process:
A.     Community members, alumni, current and former staff members will submit completed nomination forms to the Northridge Local Schools Athletic Director by the published deadline.  All nominations must be submitted on official Northridge High School Athletic Hall of Fame nomination forms.
B.   The Athletic Director will retain all original nominations forms and provide one copy of all submitted forms to the Selection Committee chairperson
C.   The number of people inducted will be ten (10) the first year, five (5) the second and third years and a maximum of three (3) inductees a year after the first three years.
D.  Candidates shall be selected by a majority vote.
E.    Any nominees not voted for induction into the Hall of Fame during the year of his/her nomination will remain in consideration for a period of 4 years. 
F.   The following timeline will be established:
-  October – Athletic Hall of Fame Committee meeting
-       November/December – Article in local paper outlining nomination process
-       January/February/March/April/May – Committee receives nominations
-       June – Committee meets to select Athletic Hall of Fame inductees
-       July/August – Contact inductees
-       December / January–- inductees will be honored with a presentation at halftime of a basketball game – followed by cake and coffee reception for friends and relatives.
-       Each inductee will receive a small token of their induction and a plaque with their name, picture, and accomplishments will be on display in the entry way to the Northridge High School Gymnasium 

Do you know of someone who should be considered for the Northridge High School Athletic Hall of Fame? Why not nominate that person now by CLICKING HERE and print your nomination form.

Pictures of NHS Athletic Hall of Fame inductions HERE

 The Northridge High School Athletic Hall of Fame Class Of 2010
  •  The 1944-45 Ohio State Basketball Champion Team ( Bob Hirsch, Jack Scrafield, Ray Lowery, Sam Armstrong, Walt Hirsch, Howard Glanzer, Paul Brentlinger, Carl Driscoll, Tim O'Roark, Gale Demare, Don Degler Mgr, Jay Morris  Asst. Coach, Ben Ankney Coach)  
  • James Donnelly - Class of 1949   
  • Larry Pedicord - Class of 1950
  • Robert "Bob" Fink - Coach & Athletic Director  
  • Robert "Bobby" Pollard - Class of 1975
  • James "Jimmy" Pollard Class of 1980
  • The 1989 4X800 Meter Relay Team ( Scott Rairden 1989, Mike Green 1989, Brian Smith 1990, Mike Banta 1991)
  • C.J.Szekely - Class of 1995  
  • Matthew MacPherson - Class of 1995 
  • Shawn Brightman - Class of 1998.

 The Northridge High School Athletic Hall of Fame Class Of 2011
  • Gloria Taylor - Class of 1949
  • Terry Roeth - Class of 1976
  • Tony Chambers - Class of 1987
  • John Robbins - Class of 1988
  • Christy Springer - Class of 1997
  • Mary Jo Withrow - Coach

 The Northridge High School Athletic Hall of Fame Class Of 2012
  • Chuck Ehrhart - Class of 1971
  • Terry Salyer - Class of 1973
  • Mike Hurst - Class of 1977
  • Bryant McConnell - Class of 1994
  • Steve "Butch" MacPherson - Coach

 The Northridge High School Athletic Hall of Fame Class Of 2013
  • Vaughn Freedman - Coach/Teacher 1967-1999
  • Nolan Jones - Class of 1998
  • Doug Spears - Class of 1998
  • Chris Spurling - Class of 1995
  • Robert Winkler - Coach/Teacher/Administrator 1984-2012

 The Northridge High School Athletic Hall of Fame Class Of 2014
  • Willie Paige Jr. - Class of 1994
  • George Markoff - Class of 1973
  • Competition Cheerleaders - 1997-1998 (names below)
  • Ashley Bozarth, Christen Carlson, Ashley Elliott, Kelly Farmer, Amy Greer, Heather Mercer, Mindy Prater, Missy Robbins & Shayna Short

     The Northridge High School Athletic Hall of Fame Class Of 2015
  • Pam Horner Baker - Class of 1989
  • Jack Rambo - Class of 1993

     The Northridge High School Athletic Hall of Fame Class Of 2016


    Athletic Hall of Fame 2017

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