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Remembering the old businesses and stores in the community and some of the newer ones.
NORTHRIDGE BUSINESSES, some old and some newer. An address is shown if known. If you have additional information about
Northridge business that you feel should be on this list, send the name and the address to the webmaster.  We would appreciate
a copy of any old pictures you have of a Northridge business.
Pictures of many of these businesses can be viewed HERE.


NOTE - Many address numbers have changed or have been adjusted over the years.

NORTHRIDGE BUSINESS ADDRESS Photo Updated 01/04/2019 1173

A-1A Used Inc. 3020 N Dixie

A-1 Piano & Organ Movers 4524 Webster

AA Used Cars 4516 N Dixie

A & A Car Sales

A & W 2035 Needmore X 937-275-5940

A B C Television 4700 N Dixie

A.F. Leis Co Webster

A-Afton Tree Experts 2514 Neva

A. Lombardo Fancy Fruits & Veg. N Dixie & Embury Park

A Plus Expediting 2947 Boulder X 937-424-0220

Aaron/Schindler Insurance 6229 N Dixie

Aaron's Boat Storage 2910 Needmore

Aaron's Tree Service 2910 Needmore X 937-275-1711

Aba Auto Sales 2 5513 N Dixie

Abe's Auto Sales 2801 & 3000 N Dixie
278-6652 275-5073

Abra Auto Body of America 6192 Webster X 937-264-1234

Academy of Dance N Dixie

Ace-Hi Sunoco Service 2800 N Dixie X

Ace Of Clubs 4302 N Dixie

Ace Tree Company 1960 Neva X

AM Graphics 4900 Webster
* See Schriber for picture

Adam's Market 4700 N Dixie X RA 0295

Adams Robinson 2735 Needmore

Adam's Thrift-E Market 4700 N Dixie

Adler Auto Sales 5117 N Dixie X

Adult Super Store 6332 N Dixie X

Advanced Auto Parts 5737 N Dixie X

Aerosmith Co 4224 N Dixie X

Aetna Exterminating 3201 N Dixie

Afton Tree Service 2514 Neva X

Afford-A-Car 4313 N Dixie X 937-277-4000

Air City Wine Store Inc 3114 N Dixie

Air City Detective Agency

Air City Pool Room

Airway Billiards Bar & Grill 2611 Needmore

Al Ballinger Trailer Sales 3637 N Dixie

Aldredge's Boarding House N Dixie

Aldredge's Sunoco 2800 N Dixie X

Alexander's Auto Sales 5115 N Dixie X

Al's Lock & Key Shop 3315 N Dixie X

All Points Video 3226 N Dixie X

Allied Beauty Supply 6902 N Dixie X

Alloy Steel Inc 2531 Needmore X

Allstate Home Improvement Co. 5903 N Dixie X

Allstate Insurance 3801 N Dixie X

Aloha Flowers 4618 N Dixie

Alpine Products 2030 Drill

American Body Shop 2507 Ashcraft

American Carco Ontario X

American Legion 746 7015 N Dixie

American Realtors 6333 N Dixie

Ame's Furniture 3207 N Dixie X

Amir Market 6304 N Dixie

Amor Self Storage 5618 Poe X

Anchor Paint 3805 N Dixie

Anderson Masonry Co. 2850 Ome X

Angelina's Pizzeria 6230 N Dixie X CR8-4271

Angelo's Italian 7115 N Dixie X

Annarino's Supper Club 2826 N Dixie
RA 0113

Anne Bell Piano Lessons 2027 Maplegrove
TA 5718

Apollo Club 5825 N Dixie

Arbys 5651 N Dixie X

Arien's Tillers & Mowers 3315 N Dixie

Aristocrat Products 4745 Wadsworth X

Armstrong Hydraulic Service 3336 Lodge X 937-274-8043

Arndts' Market 4520 Ross

Art Stone Stucco

Arthur Treacher's Needmore

Artistic Glass and Mirror 6425 N Dixie

Astron Oil Company 2800 N Dixie

Auly's Driving School

Aunt Millie's Outlet Store 3899 N Dixie X 937-279-1480

Auto Deli 6640 N Dixie X

Auto Interiors & Vinyl Roofs 1970 Neva

Auto Service Garage, The

Auto Works 5662 N Dixie

Auto Zone Auto Parts N Dixie

Autotech Unlimited

Avion Tool Corp 2624 Keenan


B & C Carry-Out 2400 Coronette

B & M Hydraulic Service 6231 N Dixie

B.A.P. Geon Import Car & Truck 5601 N Dixie

B. S. Miller Tires 7145 N Dixie

B-T-E Electric Service Inc 2011 Homesite

Back's Cow Soda Fountain 3201 N Dixie X Formally Polar Bear Rest. James Back

Baker's Drugs 3207 N Dixie

Bakery Thrift Store 2223 Needmore

Bank One 5730 N Dixie

Banner's Exxon 2250 Wagoner Ford

Bapgeon Import Car & Truck Parts 5605 N Dixie

Bar Mac 6640 N Dixie X

Barber Shop 3206 N Dixie X

Barber Shop 3803 N Dixie

Barber Shop, The 2101 Ottello

Bargain Barn Keats at Traffic Circle X

Beacon Lounge 2826 N Dixie

Beams Animal Motel Wagoner Ford

Belton Foods 2701 Thunderhawk X

Bernie's Sharpening 3980 Norledge X 937-890-7768

Ben's Batteries 2800, 3000, 3019 N Dixie
CR7-9481 278-0544

Berberich Corporation 2600 Needmore X

Berberich Heating & Cooling 2380 Needmore Road

Bernadette's Artistic Team 5260, 5907, 6001, & 6506 N Dixie X

Better Choice Ins Agency 5919 N Dixie

Big Apple Bar 4430 N Dixie

Big Daddy's Bar Republic

Big Lots (Odd Lots) 3852 N Dixie

Bill Ladd Insurance 4633 & 5711 N Dixie

Bill Ladd Tax Center 2004 Needmore

Bill Summer's Auto Sales 5105 N Dixie X

Bills Market 2599 Coronette

Bladecutter's Inc 5406 N Dixie

Blakeley's Party Supply & Ice Station 2201 Neva

Blakeley's Ice House & Coal Yard 2201 Neva

Blakeley's Northridge Ice Stations 2120 Seventh (Neva) & 4400 N Dixie X

Blanchard Grinding Service 2644 Neva X 937-275-2292

Blue Note Record Shop 4897 N Dixie

Bob Denny's Body Shop

Bob Franz's Garage 2212 Sherer

Bob Franz's Marathon

Bob Hile Auto Sales N Dixie

Bob Marchal Landscaping 2028 Neva

Bob Peter's Auto Sales 3206 N Dixie X

Bob Pfeiffer's Sohio 4100 N Dixie

Bob's Super 100 Clark 6004 N Dixie

Bobbie Jean's Hair Salon 4905 N Dixie

Bogan's Type & Add Mach. Shop 5021 Webster

Bob's Typewriter Shop N. Dixie

Bogg's Market 2599 Coronette

Boldruler Typesetters 3803 N Dixie X

Bolinger's Garage 4008 N Dixie
RA 3389

Bombay Bicycle Club 3700 N Dixie

Bon Howe Insurance

Bonanza 6011 N Dixie & 2611 Needmore

Booby Trap Lounge 5945 N Dixie X

Booher's Nursery School 3801 N Dixie

Boost Mobile Store

Borcher's Auto Rental Co. 4135 N Dixie X

Bowen's Auto Sales 4430 N Dixie

Boyer's Market 4700 N Dixie

B P Giant Oil Inc 2431 Needmore

Braham's Market 4702 Bryant

Brawley's Restaurant Needmore

Brenner's Motorcycle Sales 3507 N Dixie
RA 1501

Brentlinger's Farm Market 2809 & 2825 Needmore X

Bright Eyes Optical 5135 N Dixie X

Brogan's Garage 5142 Wadsworth X

Brooks Insurance Agencies Inc 5525 N Dixie X

Brownies Barber Shop & Swap Shop 3200 N Dixie

Brownie's Scuba Supply 5932 N Dixie X

Brownie's Transmission Service 5932 N Dixie

Brown's Landscaping

Brown's Radio Repair

B. S. Miller Tires Stop 8 & N Dixie

Brumley's Garage Elkhart Ave X

Buckeye Auto Leasing 4100 N Dixie X 956-701-9487

Buck I Auto Sales 2801 N Dixie

Buddy's Market 2599 Coronette

Bud's Corral (Silver Saddle) 4430 N Dixie X

Bud's Carry-Out & Pizza Kitchen 4428 N Dixie

Bud's Ice House 4400 N. Dixie X Formally Sam Blakely's Northridge Ice Station

Bud's Gulf Service 7195 N Dixie X

Burch Construction 2445 Neff X CR5-7421

Burger Chef 2901 N Dixie

Burger Chef 5406 N Dixie

Burger King Needmore

Burl Stickney's Pool Hall 5101 N Dixie

Burl Stickney, Justice of Peace 5101 N Dixie

Burn's Auto Company Branch 3206 N Dixie X

Burton Antique Auto Parts 2445 Neff X

Bussey's Superette 6640 N Dixie

Busy Bee Auto Parts & Towing 4309 Webster X 275-8332

Busy Bee Auto Sales 3810 Wagoner Ford X

C & C Custom 2019 Titus

C & D Collision Center 5108 Wadsworth

C & J Scuba Supply 5825 & 5932 N Dixie

C & M Products Co 2600 Oneida

Cabaret Lounge 6028 N Dixie

Cadle's Store Harding
Arnold Cadle, prop.

Cadillac Club 7115 N Dixie

Cales Gulf 7195 N Dixie

Candle Light Club 6129 N Dixie X

Capitol Dry Cleaners 4700 N Dixie
Ruth Armstrong

Capitol Dry Cleaners & Gift Shop 3220 N Dixie
Harry J McCormick

Captain D's Needmore X *

Caponis' 7115 N Dixie
*See Angelo's

Carson-Sacks Inc 2571 Timber Lane X

Cassano Pizza Franchise 3315 N Dixie & 5647 Dixie
1958-1965 CR7-6553

Casano's Pizza 5631 N Dixie

Car Paint 2056 Republic & 6896 N Dixie

Carey Paving Co Inc 2800 Ontario X

Cargill 3201 Needmore X

Caribbean Sun Tanning Salon 5609 N Dixie

Carrie Becker's Coal Yard 5125 N Dixie

Carrie's Nails 3892 N Dixie X

Carr Supply 4800 Webster

Carson Saeks Inc 2571 Timber Lane X

Cash & Carry 1941 N Dixie X

Cash Advance 3317 N Dixie X

Cash Loans (Loan Max) 5505 N Dixie X 937-356-5525

Cash Max 5270 N Dixie

CB Shack, The 4702 N Dixie X

Center Carry Out, The 2060 Republic

Center-Plex Venture 3876 N Dixie

Ceramic Articles 2735 Ome

Ceramic World Studio 6425 N Dixie X

Cha-R-Burger 5216 N Dixie

Charles Mason Service Station 4601 N Dixie

Charles Mobley, Justice of Peace

Charlie Angel Quality Roofing


Charlie's Angels N Dixie

Charlie's Sohio Service 4100 N Dixie

Chase Bank 5730 N Dixie

Chateau Club 4302 Webster

Check Smart 2124 Needmore X 937-567-1450

Cheerhart Cleaners 5109 N Dixie

Cheerhart Cleaners 4700 N Dixie

Chemineer Inc 5870 Poe

Chimmel's Market

Church's Fried Chicken 5711 N Dixie

Circle Pool Hall 3315 N Dixie
But Ott & Bert Troncin

City Loan 3112 N Dixie X

Clara's Beauty Salon 5943 N Dixie

Clark's Service Station 6004 N Dixie

Clark's Super Market 3218 N Dixie

Clark's Washing Machine Repair

Classy Lady Lounge

Clata and Janet's Beauty Salon 5105 N Dixie X

Club Jada 6011 N Dixie

Coast Auto Sales 4429 N Dixie

Color Tile N Dixie

Combined Technologies Corp. 6061 Nordic X

Community Coal & Coke Co 5235 N Dixie

Community Wallpaper & Paint 3829 N Dixie
Charles Pickerel

Complete Bulk Mail Processing 2016 Marker

Concepts Exhibits Webster

Consuelo's Mexican Restaurant 6129 N Dixie

Container Service Company 2810 N Dixie X

Cordell Transporation 2942 Boulder

Corner What-Not Shop 2118 Oneida

Cox and Fenton Barber Shop 4220 N Dixie

Crabtree Heating & Cooling 2216 Titus X*

Craddock "66" Service 5650 N Dixie
* See Mac's

Craig's Transmission & Auto Service 3311, 5275 N Dixie X 275-4955

Craeative Foam 3337 N Dixie

Creative Outlet Beauty Salon 2043 Neva

Creeds Body Shop 5275 N Dixie X 274-6627

Crest Aluminum 5101 N Dixie X

Cricket Wireless 1914 Needmore X 937-534-1433

Cromwell's Shell Service 4000 N Dixie

Cull Berry Interior Decorators 5711 N Dixie

Curlette Beauty Shop 3110 N Dixie
RA 0581 Wynona Looney

Custom Dry Cleaners

CVS Pharmacy N Dixie X

Cycle One 3300 N Dixie

D & L Garage

D & T Tool

Dail Dobson State Farm Insurance 1601 Needmore X

Dairy Queen 3381 N Dixie

Dairy Queen 6760 N Dixie X

Dale's Auto Sales 4400 N Dixie

Dale's Auto Service Center 6104 N Dixie

Dalton Carpet Co 3864 N Dixie

Dante's Beauty Supply 6902 N Dixie

Danyi's Pastime Lanes & Rest. 4320 N Dixie X

Darlene's One Hour Dry Cleaners 5901 N Dixie

Dave Glock Home Improvement 4400 Canyon

Dave's World Arcade 3207 N Dixie X

David's Reliable Glass 3306 N Dixie

Davidson Tax Service 5655 Frederick

Davidson's Construction

Davidson's Garage 5166 Wagoner Ford X 937-236-8640

Davidson's Sohio

Day-Hio Products Inc 2501 Needmore

Daymet Credit Union Wagoner Ford

Dayton Airport Cab 3206 N Dixie X CR7-0032

Dayton Bible Chapel 4801 N Dixie

Dayton Capscrew Corp

Dayton Coating Technologies 1926 E Siebenthaler

Dayton Dental Solutions 1601 Needmore

Dayton Diesel Service 3341 N Dixie X

Dayton Heart Center 1530 Needmore

Dayton Heating & Air Conditioning

Dayton Ice Co, The

Dayton Industrial Grinding Co 3249 Hiawatha X Forrest Espy

Dayton Lumber Co 4430 N Dixie

Dayton Pattern 5591 Wadsworth

Dayton Plastics 2606 & 2554 Needmore

Dayton Polymeric Products Inc 3337 N Dixie

Dayton Perennial Gardens 3316 N Dixie X L A DeHays

Dayton Super Wash 2030 N Dixie X 937-275-8710

Dayton Swim Club 5930 N Dixie

Dayton Tool Crib 3348 Needmore

Dayton Trailer Sales 3020 N Dixie

Decker Plumbing

De-lite Strippers 6309 N Dixie

Delphi 3100 Needmore

Denlinger's Garage N Dixie

Denny's Restaurant 3630 N Dixie X

Designer Bags 5607 N Dixie

Detrick's Ceramic Studio 4910 N Dixie X

Dewey's Sunoco 4111 N Dixie

Dexter Plumbing & Heating 2021 Sherer

Diamond Jim's 2700 Needmore X

Diamond Trailer Sales 5291 N Dixie

Discount Tire Co 6928 Wadsworth

Dixie Auto Repair 6129 N Dixie

Dixie Auto Sales - Used Cars 3206 N Dixie X

Dixie Barbers 3936 N Dixie

Dixie Billiards & Barber Shop 4509 N Dixie

Dixie Billiards & Recreation 5953 N Dixie

Dixie Candy Co

Dixie Car Upholstery 3601 N Dixie

Dixie Car Wash N Dixie

Dixie China Shop 4131 N Dixie

Dixie Coal - Feed & Lumber Co 3020 N Dixie X

Dixie Del Carry Out 3995 N Dixie X

Dixie Deluxe 3218 N Dixie

Dixie Dental & Denture Lab 3609 N Dixie X

Dixie Diner 2901 N Dixie XXX

Dixie Donut Shop 3106 & 3218 N Dixie

Dixie Doodle Restaurant 4914 N Dixie
TA 9861 Gertrude Blandi

Dixie Drive-In Theater 6201 N Dixie X

Dixie Drug Store 4628 N Dixie X Howard Yount

Dixie Food Mart 4440 N Dixie

Dixie Fruit Market 2926 N Dixie X Francis Nardini

Dixie Inn Family Restaurant 5216 N Dixie X

Dixie Landscape 4215 N Dixie

Dixie Laundromat N Dixie

Dixie Lumber Company 3020 N Dixie
RA 1445

Dixie Market 3218 N Dixie

Dixie Needmore Kurl Box Beauty

Dixie Party Supply 6298 N Dixie

Dixie Produce Co. 4215 N Dixie X

Dixie Repair Service 3805 N Dixie X

Dixie Tourist Home 3115 N Dixie

Dixie Trailer Sales N Dixie X

Dixie Variety Store 4201 N Dixie X TA 8091 CR5-8091

Dixon Brother's Grocery 2416 Needmore X

Dixon Restaurant 2418 Needmore X

D-Jacks 5832 N Dixie

Dollar General 1880 Needmore

Dollar Store, The

Dollar Tree 5650 N Dixie X* 937-279-9765

Domino's Club 4988 Northcutt & 7115 N Dixie X See Angelo's

Domino's Pizza 5406 & 5391 N Dixie

Donald Snyder, Justice of Peace

Donley's Radiator Service 2004 Martin

Dorgan (Michael) Service Station 3311 N Dixie

Dorothy Reich's Beauty Shop 1965 Edgeworth

Dot Systems Inc 2801 Thunderhawk Ct

Dottie's Cab Co 3200 N Dixie

Doug's Tires

Dr Don J. Leavitt 4220 N Dixie

Dr Macek N Dixie

Dr Owens N Dixie X

Drake Motel 2875 N Dixie

Driftwood Pet Shop N Plaza & 6900 N Dixie

Drinking Gourd Music Store, The 6749 N Dixie

Dristel Williams Well Drilling 4948 Shadeland X

Drive In Bakery 2070 Republic

Dr. Duckwall Office 3803 N Dixie

Dr. Macek Office 5415 N Dixie

Dr. Owens Office 4620 N Dixie & 4615 N Dixie X

Drug Castle (Mart) 1941 Needmore

Dugan's Pawn Shop 4625 N Dixie X

Dunn's Gulf Service 2801 N Dixie

Duon, Inc 2600 Needmore

DuPont Automotive Paint N Dixie

Dutzy's Market 4916 N Dixie X

Dysinger 4316 Webster

E.L. Christman Realty

Earl Hall's Trash Dump Webster

Earl Hollandsworth Well Drilling 2538 Ome

Earl Miller's Grocery

East Penn/Deka Batteries 3485 Successful Way X

Ebenezer Blacksmith Shop 4916 N Dixie

Econ-O-Print 2050 Republic & 6012 N Dixie X

Econ-O-Wash Laundry 4311 N Dixie

Ed McIntosh Plumbing

Eddie's Lawn Mower Repair 3444 Maumee

Ed's Market 2501 Ontario X CR4-9821

Ed's Plumbing 2008 Nomad X CR4-1852

Eldridge Body Shop 4625 N Dixie X

Elsie Sue's Beauty Salon 2021 Republic X

Emil's Barber Shop 4908 N Dixie X

Emil's House of Barbering 2015 Ottello X

Emil's Jewelers 4912 N Dixie X CR5-1381

Emmett Wilson Tree Surgery 1960 Neva X

Entenmann's Thrift Bakery 2102 & 2501 Needmore

Ev's Antenna Service 2117 Sherer

Evan's Printing Co.

Excalibur N Dixie

50 Yard Line 6129 N Dixie X

Factory Direct 6315 & 6902 N Dixie X

Family Dollar Store 5607 N Dixie $ 3850 N Dixie

Family Furniture Mart 3864 N Dixie North Plaza Shopping Center X 278-9697

Family Ice Cream Shop 4914 N Dixie

Family Shop, The (Clothing) N Dixie & Needmore X

Famous Recipe 6056 N Dixie

Farmer Jack's Restaurant 5216 N Dixie X

Fatt Boyz 4742 Wadsworth X 937-294-2693

Fazio Grocery 1941 Needmore

Fehrman & Son's Greenhouses 2421 Needmore X CR5-7672

Ferguson Plumbing Supply 2735 Kearns X 937-277-1649

Ferguson Construction Co 2201 Embury Park

Fifth/Third Bank 4600 N Dixie

Fink's Market 4916 N Dixie X RA 0188 Henry j Fink

Fink's Trailer Park Inc 2000 Timber Lane X

Firestone's Laundromat 2700 Koehler X

Firestone Trailer Park 2400 Keenan/4400 Woodland Hills

First National Bank N Dixie

Fisher's Handy Grocery 4953 Hamlin X Charles Fisher

Flamingo Club 7031 N Dixie

Fleenor Machine & Grinding Co 6305 N Dixie – 4627 N Dixie

Flekinstine's Poultry

Flesh Art 2911 N Dixie X

Floyd's Auto 2820 Ome X 937-902-8648

Folger's Garage 2537 Ontario & 2950 La Crosse X

Formosa Restaurant 5832 N Dixie X

Fotomat 1953 Needmore

Fox Air Inc 5652 Wadsworth

Foxy Set Salon 4224 N Dixie X

Frank Johnson Carb & Ignition 3341 N Dixie X

Frank L. Haer & Sons 4712 N Dixie

Frank's Lawnmower Repair

Frank's Poultry 3480 Ridge

Frank Weiss Auto Repair 5056 Wadsworth

Franklin Auto Repair 4100 N Dixie

Franklin Used Car Co. 4100 N Dixie
TA 1501 Virgil O'Bannion

Frantz Garage 2212 Sherer

Frecht Poultry

Fred Knuth Sinclair N Dixie & Neff

Fred L Brooks Insurance 4700 N Dixie & 2004 Needmore

French Skillet, The 3361 N Dixie
TA 6276

Friedman's Photography 3300 N Dixie

Friendly's Ice Cream 2311 Needmore

Frisch's Restaurant 2518 Needmore

Fry Paint & Body Shop 2244 Blake X

Full Circle Auto Body & Repair 3629 N Dixie X 937-949-9532

Futrell's Auto Upholstery 4430 N Dixie X

Futura Design Service 6001 N Dixie

Gabe's Sports Bar 2900 N Dixie

Gadget's Inc 3629 N Dixie

Gary's Body Shop 2332 Rector

Gail's School Of Dance 2731 Needmore

Gemini Lounge 6700 N Dixie

George Hatch Photographer 2227 Ontario X

George C Martin Funeral Home 5040 Frederick X

Georges Family Restaurant 5216 N Dixie

General Electric 2850 Needmore

General Jackson 3162 N Dixie X

Gifford's Drive In 4516 N Dixie
Trimbach's Drive-In & Northmore

Gille Mobile Home Service 3020 N Dixie

Gilman Tarpaulins 2926 N Dixie

Global Automation Service 2514 Nordic X

Golden Eagle Restaurant 3630 N Dixie X

Golden Point Drive In 4400 N Dixie

Goldman's Dept Store Keats at Traffic Circle

Gold's Gym Republic X

Goodwill Auto Auction 7150 N Dixie

Goodwill Store 5400 N Dixie

Goodyear Truck Tires Needmore

Goosey Gander Needmore X

Gordon's Garage 3311 N Dixie

Gordon's Dixie 66 Service 5650 N Dixie

Graham's Market 4702 Bryant X*

Grand Floral Station 4618 N Dixie
See Aloha 278-3400

W. T. Grant North Plaza

Gravely Tractors 3315 N Dixie

Gray's Drug Store North Plaza

Greenleaf Inn 4200 N Dixie
RA 0303 Marjory Quackenbush

Greenleaf Pure Oil Service 4200 N Dixie

Greer Construction Co. Inc. 5735 N Dixie

H & B Body Shop 2405 Ontario

H & B Paving Inc 5311 Wadsworth

H & C Electric & Appliances 3201 N Dixie
RA 0635

Hair Pin Beauty Shop 2066 Republic

Hall Lumber Co 3501 N Dixie X Earl Hall

Hall Used Cars 3501 N Dixie

Ham Signs 6020 N Dixie

Hammer's Mobile Home Service 2233 Maplegrove X

Hansen's TV & Appliances 6855 N Dixie X

Harbor Freight Tools 1941 Needmore

Hardee's Restaurant 5651 N. Dixie X

Hardee's Restaurant 2500 Needmore

Hardy Trailer Sales 5310 N Dixie X OR 2831

Harem, The 5825 N Dixie

Halament Food Distributor 2620 Keenan

Hardesty Electrical Appliances 3201 N Dixie

Harlow Marketing Inc 2620 Keenan

Harold E. Kelley Florist 3322 Rolfe

Harold R. Rieck & Son Heating 5812 Poe

Harris Graphics 4900 Webster
See Schriber Picture

Harris Trailer Sales

Harry Neller Trailer Center 3000-08 N Dixie

Hartmeier Market Ashcraft at Wadsworth

Hastings Motorcycle Parts 1900 Neva X 937-278-3921

Hatfield Home Improvement 2419 Berwyck

Hatton's Body Shop 2617 Nordic X 277-0033

Hayes's Paint Service 3805 N Dixie

H.C. Cox Barber Shop 4220 N Dixie X

Headquarters,The 6500 N Dixie

Heavy Duty Parts Inc 6095 Webster

Heidleberg Press 4900 Webster X See Schriber Picture

Heirloom Carpet Co 4135 N Dixie

Heller Hardware Co 3321 N Dixie
TA 1580

Henry Blanton Aluminum Siding

Henry's Electric 2435 Neva

Herbert Schardt Florist 2230 Wagoner Ford

Hettrick (George) Service Station 3206 N Dixie

High Voltage Maint. Homesite

Hilgleford (Lee J) Autos 4100 N Dixie

Hills Service Station 2800 N Dixie X

Hirsch's Delicatessen & Restaurant 3936 N Dixie
RA 9623 George Hirsch

Hi-View Shell Srv. Station & Sandwich Shop 5225 N Dixie X

Hoagie's 6128 N Dixie

Hobby Shop 5109 N Dixie

Hogan's Transport Corp 5670 Webster

Holiday Inn North Motel Wagoner Ford

Holman Auto Repair 5816 Milo

Holmes's Foreign Auto 5950 N Dixie

Home Killed Meats 4201 N Dixie X

Hoolah Star & Smoke Shop 1875 Needmore

Hope's Barber Shop 5600 Forest Hill X

Hopkins's Appliances 2803 N Dixie X Thomas Hopkins

Hotel Liquidators 1927 Needmore X 937-264-8353

Howard Johnson's 2215 Wagoner Ford

Hughes's Grocery 3936 N Dixie X

Hugh's Barber Shop 2911 N Dixie

Humble Oil 4950 Frederick

Humble Oil 6200 N Dixie

Hunter's Beauty Shop 2512 Ontario

Hut, The 2898 N Dixie
F J Franz

Ida Weikert Auto License

Ideal Cleaners & Laundry Co 5210 N Dixie

Idle Hour Club, The 2121 Wagoner Ford XX

IDX Corporation 2875 Needmore X

Imperial House North 2401 Needmore

Imperial Shell 2450 Needmore X 278-6951

Industrial Electric Motors 5131 Webster X

Industrial Grinding, Inc 2306 Ontario

J B's Hair Design 4897 N Dixie

J .D. Tool Company 2062 Republic X

J J Fish & Chips 1926 Needmore

J. V. Motors 3005 N Dixie

Jack Ames' Furniture 3207 N Dixie

Jack Perkins Dentist

Jackson Hweitt Tax Service 3860 N Dixie

Jacobs Auto Body 3300 Needmore X

James Pharmacy 2050 Republic

James Taylor Dentist 6800 N Dixie

James Ward Jr. Realtor 2117 Coronette XX

Janiece Sarver Dance Studio 6207 & 5435 N Dixie

Jaros Barber Shop 4908 N Dixie

Jaros Jewelry 4912 N Dixie

Jed's Coins 5715 Sparkhill

Jenkins's Refrigeration 2025 Kildare

Jensvold Home Builder 3313 N Dixie
S Jensvold

Jerry Phelps Insurance 2004 Needmore

Jerry's Barber Shop 6500 N Dixie X

Jerry's Market 3218 N Dixie
Dixie Deluxe

Jesse Henry Asphalt 4020 Sumpter X

Jet Express 4518 Webster X 937-274-7033

Jiffy Lube 5600 N Dixie

Jiles Rogers Fleet Service 2511 Nordic X

Jim Lee's Gardening & Landscaping 4215 N Dixie X

Jim Ward Realty 5109 N Dixie

Jim Weikert Enterprises

Jimmie's Angels

Jim's City Auto Sales 5109 N Dixie X

Jim's Gulf Service Station 2801 N Dixie X

Jim's Mobile Home Supply 2700 & 3895 N Dixie X

Joe Mitchell's Barber Shop 5945 N Dixie X

Joe's Cycle Shop Inc 3315 N Dixie

Joe's Fish House 2213 Wagoner Ford

Joesph Mast, Justice of Peace

John M. Gorman Co 2844 Keenan

Johnny's Nite Club 6011 N Dixie

Johnny's Auto Sales N Dixie

Johnson (Robert H) Service Station 4302 N Dixie

Johnson's Automotive Repairs 2537 Ontario

Jones Heating & Cooling Co 2236 Needmore

K's Formica Shop 5705 Frederick

Kalo TV Service 2230 Cardinal

Karen Carson Creations 2601 Timber Lane

Karns Butter & Creamery 6417 N Dixie X

Karns Formica Shop 3307 N Dixie X

Kawasaki Of Dayton 5600 N Dixie

Keenan Body Shop Keenan X

Kelley Florist 4618 N Dixie

Kentucky Fried Chicken N Dixie X

Keowee Auto Sales Inc 4111 N Dixie X 937-275-7481

Keowee Auto Seat Cover 4430 N Dixie

Key Bank 4600 N Dixie

Kiddie Kampus 3226 Rear N Dixie X

King Smoke Shop 3815 N Dixie

Kitty Hawk Pro Shop 3383 Chuck Wagoner

Kitty Kat Lounge N Dixie

Kitty Walter's Baton Instructions 2122 Ome X

Knox Service Garage 4246 Wadsworth

Knuth (Fred) Service 4030 N Dixie

Knuth (George) Sinclair 2898 N Dixie

Kokensparger's Market 6061 N Dixie

Koontz Carpentry 3928 Ridge

Koyama Shoten 5256 N Dixie

Krohn's Service Station 4000 N Dixie XXX

Kroger 4450 & 7150 N Dixie & 1934 Needmore

Kustom Cleaners & Press Shop 4910 N Dixie
TA 8671

L & W Car Sales 3369 N Dixie

L & H Auto Corral 4915 N Dixie X

L A Tan 3840 N Dixie

Lambert Used Car Sales Wagoner Ford
Art Lambert

Landscaping & Lawn Service 4712 Wire
Harry Spitler

LaQuinta Motel 3636 N Dixie

Larry Sherrill's Sohio 6519 N Dixie


Larry's Off Road Center 4156 Wadsworth

La Vogue Beauty Shop

TA 3281 Jean Crosley, Prop.

Lawson Milk Co 5907 N Dixie

Lawson's 6020 N Dixie X

Lawson's 1st Location on Dixie 5517 N Dixie

Lee J. Hilgelford's Auto Sales & Parts 4100 N Dixie
RA 2163 Nash & Willys

Leasure Lady Lounge 4430 N Dixie

Lee's Famous Recipe 6056 N Dixie

Lee's Tree Service 2534 Ontario

Lehman's Market N Dixie & Needmore X

Les Prether Auto Sales 5117 N Dixie

Lesher's Lawn Service Landscape Co 3962 Ridge X

Lwwark Metal Spinners 2746 Keenan

Liberal Market 3928 N Dixie

Liberty Tax Service 5613 N Dixie

Linna Lee's Candy 2038 Coronette

Linna Lee's Jewelry 2038 Coronette

Little Dog House 5200 N Dixie X Mildred Cress, Owner

Little Caesar's Pizza 3880 N Dixie

Living Room, The 3830 N Dixie

Lloyd's Lawn Mower Repair 5090 Wagoner Ford

Loan Max Cash Loans 5505 N Dixie

Logan Services

London Bobby Fish & Chips 1926 Needmore X

Lone Star Pawn Shop 5335 N Dixie X

Long Branch Saloon 2201 Neva X

Long John Silvers/A&W Root Beer 2235 Needmore X 937-275-5940

Lora Mobile Village 2400 Keenan

Lord Corporation 4644 Wadsworth

Lucky Bucks 1926 Needmore & 6230 N Dixie

Lucky's Cafe 3870 N Dixie X 937-985-9765

Ludlow Automotive 3341 N Dixie

Ludlow Battery & Auto Parts North Plaza Shopping Center

MC Wholesale Autoart Inc 4327 N Dixie

M.F. Motors 3907 N Dixie

M.H. Tool Co. 3516 Viewell

MKA Beauty Salon 4220 N Dixie X

M.L. Dunn Company 5258 N Dixie

M & R Plumbing & Heating 2145 Lodell

Maco Auto Painting 3474 Needmore

Mac's Mobil Service 3511 N Dixie X RA 0276 CR4-7440 Thurman McPherson

Mac's Needmore Phillips 66 5650 N Dixie X

Macs Northridge Shell Service 6351 N Dixie X

Maggie's Dress Shop 6515 N Dixie X RA 0146

Maggie's Place 6515 N Dixie X 937-279-0975

Magnum Auto Sales 4000 N Dixie

Main Auto Parts 6025 & 6392 N Dixie

Malee Cattery

Manning Accounting Service 6105 N Dixie X

Marathon Gas 2145 Needmore X 937-275-2360

Marathon Gas 2250 Wagoner Ford

Margaret Ludwig's Piano Studio

Marjorie's Rendezvous 2006 Needmore X

Marion's Pizzeria 3255 & 3725 N Dixie

Mark Pi's 1875 Needmore

Marshall Academy of Dance 5320 N Dixie

Marsh's Marathon Service 3901 N Dixie

Martin Tool Co 5370 Wadsworth

Martin's Market

Martinizing One Hour Dry Cleaning. 5901 N Dixie

Marty's Towing 2306 Arthur

Marvin's Marathon Service N Dixie
RA 0258

Mary Metzger's Ice Cream

Mask & Wig Costume Co 3201 N Dixie X

Mason Roads 5252 N Dixie

Mason's Sohio Service Station 4601 N Dixie
RA 0133

Match Maker Lounge Needmore

Mattress Factory 3211 Needmore

Matzick Market 3218 N Dixie

Maxwell Excavating Co 2745 Ontario X Kenneth Maxwell

Maxwell Grocery 3218 N Dixie

Maxwell Lumber 3008 N Dixie

Mayflower Inn 2826 N Dixie X

Maynard's Sohio 4601 N Dixie X

McCloskey Brothers Dairy 6417 N Dixie X RA 3465 CR4-3465 Chas & Melvin McCloskey

McCormick's Dry Cleaners 3224 N Dixie X

McDonald's 5245 N Dixie

McDonald's 2450 Needmore

Mel Wilson's Gulf N Dixie

Merrell's Creative Landscape 5435 School X

Metal Brite Polishing 2445 Neff

Metro PCS 3458 N Dixie X 937-275-4228

Miami Valley Motors 5225 N Dixie X

Miami Plating Co 2800 Ontario

Miami Valley Masonry Inc 2300 Ome

Miami Valley Towing 4309 Webster

Miami Valley Transmissions 2206 Needmore

Michael J. Papanek Allstate Ins. 3801 N Dixie X

Mickey's Beauty Shop 2911 N Dixie X

Mid West Diamond Tool 5900 N Dixie

Mike Petkus Assoc Realtor 6780 N Dixie

Mike's Poultry

RA 6534

Mikes Sohio 4100 & 4601 N Dixie

Milano's North 6129 N Dixie

Mile's Laboratory Inc

Miller Florist 2026 Berwyck

Miller (Earl) Grocery 3108 N Dixie

Miller's Market

Minco Tool and Mold 5690 Webster X

Ming Tree Restaurant 5615 N Dixie

Miss M's Beauty Shop 3224 N Dixie X

Mistake Lounge 6296 N Dixie X

Mr Bubble's Washhouse 5605 N Dixie

Mr Lees

Modern Steam Laundry & Dry Cleaning 3466 Ridge X

Modern TV Service 4914 N Dixie X

Moerch's Market 2329 Ome X

Molen's Dairy 4104 Wagoner Ford
RA 3785 Webster & Eldon Molen

Molly's Beauty Inn 6502 N Dixie

Monte's Roast Beef 2901 N Dixie

Moore Paper Boxes 2916 Boulder

Moore's Market 4702 Bryant

Morichelli's Market 2300 Nomad X

Moritz Flower Shop 2230 Wagoner Ford 3206 N Dixie
RA 5121 CR5-5121

Morning Pride Mfg 1 Innovation Court X

Morris Apartments Republic

Moto Photo 1949 Needmore

Mr Bubble's Laundromat 5605 N Dixie

Mr Hyman's Fine Dining 3600 N Dixie X

MTM Molded Products 3370 Obco X

Mug & Brush Jaros Brothers 2015 Ottello X 937-890-3461

Musick's Used Cars 4500 N Dixie X

Musick's Auto Sales 4625 N Dixie X

Musick's Body Shop 5343 N Dixie

Muth Brothers, Inc 5110 Webster

Myers' Market 4114 N Dixie

Naas' Sohio N Dixie

Nardini's Fruit Stand

Narrows, The 6330 Frederick Pike

Nate's Texaco Station 3620 N Dixie

National City Bank N Dixie

National Photo Service 2000 Timber Lane

National Trends Truck Sales 5482 Wadsworth

Nationwide Insurance 4700 N Dixie

Nationwise Auto Parts

Naughty N Nice N Dixie

Needmore-N. Dixie Pure Oil Needmore & N Dixie

Needmore Humble 4950 Frederick

Needmore Market 5700 Needmore X

Needmore Service Center (Body Shop) 2206 Needmore X 274-2139

Needmore Towing

Need 1 More 3243 Needmore

Neff Auto Sales 4030 N Dixie

Neller's Market 2599 Coronette X

Newman's Market 2501 Ontario X

Nies, W.J. Sohio 4601 N Dixie
RA-0194 CR4-0194

Nomad Market 2300 Nomad
CR7 0239

Nook-N-Cranny Detail/Auto Sales 4327 N Dixie X

Nora Jean's Beauty Shop 2214 Cardinal

Norb's Barber Shop 6500 N Dixie

Norman Reed Painting

North Dixie Beauty Salon 4420 N Dixie & 5943 N Dixie

North Dixie Carryout N Dixie

North Dixie Fruit Stand N Dixie

North Dixie Garage N Dixie

North Dixie Gulf Service 7155 N Dixie

North Dixie Parts 7 Service 3507 N Dixie

North Dixie Service Garage 5600 & 6500 N Dixie
TA 6471 & RA 9503 Evertt Hopkins

North Dixie Tool Co 5600 N Dixie

North Dixie Watch It Wash 5950 N Dixie X

North Plaza Barber Shop 3892 N Dixie

North Plaza Beauty Salon 3888 N Dixie

North Plaza Coffee Shop 3896 N Dixie X

North Star Drive-In Theater 5601 N Dixie X

North Star Plaza 5605-5613 N Dixie X

North Star Trampoline & Golf 5601 N Dixie

Northcrest Garden Apartments Needmore

Northern Granite Memorial Co 6702 N Dixie

Northmore Drive In 4516 N Dixie
Trimbac's Drive-In & Gifford's Drive In OR 2311

Northridge Animal Clinic 5340 N Dixie

Northridge Auto Parts 2000 Drill

Northridge Beauty Shop 4220 N Dixie
RA 5366

Northridge Cab Co 3200 N Dixie

Northridge Coal & Ice Service 4400 N Dixie
RA 1471 Sam D. Blakeley

Northridge Computers 6315 N Dixie XX

Northridge Drug Store (Baker's) 3207 N Dixie X CR7-0171

Northridge Dry Cleaning Co 4900 N Dixie X RA 4363

Northridge Fishing Lake 4318 N Dixie

Northridge Free Clinic

Northridge Hardware Store 3102 N Dixie X RA 7038 Ova P Wolfe & James Looney

Northridge Humble 6204 N Dixie

Northridge Ice Stations 4400 N Dixie & 2120 Seventh X Sam D. Blakeley

Northridge Inn N Dixie at Frederick & 4302 Webster
Chris Volk & Harry Wright

Northridge Jewelry & TV 3106 N Dixie

Northridge Meat Market 6236 N Dixie

Northridge Lumber & Hardware 3321 N Dixie X Roy C Matzick

Northridge Motors 3899 N Dixie

Northridge Realty 5606 Poe

Northridge Recreation Hall 5702 N Dixie X

Northridge Shell Service Center 5825 N Dixie

Northridge Shoe Repair 3104 N Dixie

Northridge Sport Shop 4618 N Dixie

Northridge Sunoco Service 4111 N Dixie

Northridge Taxi 3200 N Dixie

Northridge Used Cars 3899 N Dixie X

Northside Chiropractic 6023 N Dixie

Norton Engineering

Nuclear Computers Company 6339 N Dixie


Oak Grove Import Auto Service 5596 Oak Grove X

Oasis House 6333 N Dixie

OB's Sales & Service 3520 Idlewilde

Oberer Construction Co 4324 Webster X

Odd Lots (Big Lots) 3928 N Dixie

Ohio Liquor Store North Plaza

Ohio Loan 3112 N Dixie

Ohio Printing 4850 Webster

Old English Bar

Olive Restaurant 6129 N Dixie

Oliver L. Meece Insurance 4914 N Dixie

Ome Market 2626 Ome

Omega Co 2850 Needmore

Omega Gas & Oil 6200 N Dixie

One-Hour Martinizing 5901 N Dixie X

Ontario Grocery & Dept Store 5725 N Dixie X

O'Reilly Auto Parts 1933 Needmore

Owen Realty 4625 & 4633 N Dixie

Owl & Pussycat Lounge 4516 N Dixie

Painting & Interior Decorating 2312 Oneida
Henry Funder

Pantorium Cleaners North Plaza

Pamela Woodie School of Dance 1906 Needmore/5266 N Dixie X 275-0195

Pandora Beauty Supply 3902 N Dixie X 937-640-1318

Paradise Club 5928 N Dixie

Paradise Gardens Oak Grove

Paradise Key Cafe 3243 Needmore

Paris Flea Market 6201 N Dixie

Parkway Hair Design 2218 Needmore

Parlette's Garage 2141 Tenth X Earl Parlette

Pastime Lanes & Cocktail Lounge 4302 N Dixie
RA 0274 CR5-7497 Bert Danyi

Patton's Sunoco 5700 N Dixie

Paul's Market 5716 N Dixie X

Pawn Shop 5335 N Dixie

Paydays Used Cars 4313 N Dixie

Pecks Heating & Refrigeration 6512 N Dixie

Peddlers Plus N Dixie X

Pedro's Chili House 3896 N Dixie

Penske Truck Rental 2519 Nordic X

Pepito's Mexican Restaurant 2900 N Dixie

Peppers Nite Club

Performance Paint & Supply 5701 Webster X

Pet Place, The 2054 Replubic

Pete's Auto Sales 4113 N Dixie

Petkus Realty N Dixie

Phoenix Construction Co 4400 Canyon

Piano Studio of Mrs. Harold Weeks 5949 N Dixie

Pic Way Shoes 5505 N Dixie

Pic Wic Club 5953 N Dixie

Pierce Beauty Salon 4901 N Dixie

Pig of the Month 2571 Timber Lane

Pink Cadillac 7115 N Dixie XXX

Pink Poodle 4916 N Dixie

PIP Printing 2593 Needmore

Pizza Hut 6028 N Dixie

Plate Rite Ome X

PNC Bank 5800 N Dixie X

Polar Bear 4914 N Dixie
Dixie Doodle Restaurant

Polar Bear Restaurant 3201 N Dixie
Later Back's Cow

Psychic Reading By Gloria 3500 N Dixie

Prescott's 3700 N Dixie X

Pride Cleaners 3008, 4513, & 6133 N Dixie

Printing Preparations Inc 7000 N Dixie

Priske's TV & Appliances Inc 6855 N Dixie X

Prism Tool 1950 Neva

Progress Supply

Projects Unlimited Inc 1926 Siebenthaler

Pro Trim of Ohio N Dixie

Rurdin & Son Coal 4240 N Dixie

Quality Inn 2221 Wagoner Ford

Quality Office Products 6001 N Dixie X

Quality Staffing 2223 Needmore

Quick Stop Convenience Store


R L Lackey Plumbing 5335 N Dixie X

R&R Painting & Flooring 2891 Kearns

Radio Shack 5907 N Dixie & North Plaza

Radisson Inn Wadsworth

Rally's Needmore X

Ram Tool 1944 Neva

Ralph's Auto Sales 4113 N Dixie

Ralph's Sunoco Service 4111 N Dixie

Ranchers Roast Beef 2901 N Dixie

Ratliff Metal Spinning Inc 3224 Lodge X

Ray Gibbs Black Topping 4425 Canyon

Raymond F. Lowrey Insurance 2700 Needmore

Ray's Union 76 4000 N Dixie X

Rees Motorcycle Sales 3507 N Dixie

Reick Service 5245 Wadsworth

Reliable Tax & Bookkeeping 2004 Needmore

Rent a Center Needmore

Rex TV & Appliance 2875 Needmore X

Richard Booher Construction Inc 6011 N Dixie X

Richards Pizza 6296 N Dixie

Ridge Gardens 3901 N Dixie & on Needmore

Ridge Trailer Mart 3899 N Dixie X

Rieger Motors Inc 4100 N Dixie

Rike (Thomas) Auto Repair 4100 N Dixie

Rinks Discount Store 1941 Needmore X

Rite Aid Pharmacy 3700 N Dixie

Robinson Tire Center 4201 N Dixie

Root Beer & Coneys 5001 N Dixie

Rosemary's Beauty Salon 2400 Coronette

Ross (Wm) Notions 3102 N Dixie

Row Boat Bar

Royalty Motors Group 3301 N Dixie

Roy Rogers Restaurant 2500 Needmore X

Rubber Seal Products 5751 Webster X

Rubber Tech 5208 Wadsworth

Ruby's White Sands 5945 N Dixie X

Russell's Transmission 4601 N Dixie

Ruth's Corner What Not 2118 Onaota

Rutledge's Peony Farm

Ryder Truck Rental 3580 Needmore

S & J Variety Outlet, Inc 5909 N Dixie

S & S Car Wash 5214 N Dixie

S.S. Industries 2746 Keenan

Safari Laboratories 2243 Cardinal

Safety Auto Glass N Dixie

Sally Beauty Supply 6902 N Dixie

Sambo's Needmore X

Sandy's 5651 N Dixie

Saw & Lawnmower Sharpening 2137 Needmore X

Sawmiller Shoe Store 4700 N Dixie - 3955 Buena Vista

Scally's Saloon 5440 N Dixie

Schardt Florist 2230 Wagoner Ford

Schell's Kaiser-Frazer 3501 N Dixie
OR 6641

Schiff's Shoe Store 3860 N Dixie North Plaza X

Schiml's Dry Cleaners 4315 N Dixie
TA 8702 CR5-8702

Schindler Insurance (Titan) 6301 N Dixie X

Schriber Co 4900 Webster

Schweitzer's Marathon Service 2400 Coronette

Scotties of N Dixie 6610 N Dixie

Seams to Me Tailor

Seat Cover Jack 3300 N Dixie

Sergeants Body Shop

Service Tech 5095 N Dixie

7-11 Convenience Store 6304 N Dixie

Seven Nations Hotel & Restaurant Wadsworth

Shady Lawn Mobile Home Park 3320 N Dixie X

Shafer's Sunoco Station 4111 N Dixie X

Shaffer Amusement & Vending 2600 Ome X 937-278-7425

Shaner Auto Sales 5101 N Dixie

Shanks Garage & Body Shop 2405 Ontario X

Sharkey's Lounge 6028 N Dixie

Shaw Excavating 2317 Needmore

Shell/True North 2450 Needmore

Shertzer's Party Supply 2416 Needmore X

Shook Construction 4977 Northcutt

Shoup's Mill Shoup Mill Rd X

Shout PC Computer Repair 3201 N Dixie

Silhouette of Beauty N Dixie X

Simply Self Storeage 1850 Needmore

Skat-Kitty Compact Scooters 1926 E Siebenthaler

Skalley's 5406 N Dixie

Smith Heating & Cooling 6902 N Dixie

Smiths Market 2300 Nomad

Smoke Shop 6500 N Dixie

Smugglers Inn 3700 N Dixie

Snyder Skate Co 2600 Titus

Solid Gold

Sonny's Disco Night Club

Sound Waves 6305 & 6388 N Dixie

Southern Belle Restaurant 5216 N Dixie

Southern Pride Kennel 2609 Neff

Space Place Storage Center 5618 Poe X

Speedway Service Station 2232 Needmore X 937-276-2158

Speedway 3901 N Dixie

Spewock's Shell Service Station 7155 N Dixie XXX

Springer's Deli 4835 Sugartree X

Stallman's Marathon 4246 Poe & 2400 N Dixie X*

Standard Generator 3000 N Dixie/3019 N Dixie

Standard Oil Co 1601 Needmore X

Standard Seed Co 6900 N Dixie X CR8-3602

Star Appliances 4511 N Dixie

Star Leasing Co 5110 Webster

State Farm Insurance 1601 Needmore X

Stereo In Dash 6305 N Dixie

Stereo In Dash 6900 N Dixie X

Stereo On Wheels 6388 N Dixie X

Stihl Tools 3601 N Dixie X

Stop N Go 6749 N Dixie

Storer's Aquarium 2543 Timber Lane

Stretch's Tattoo Studio 4622 Needmore

Suburban Tire (Gem City Tire) 2531 Needmore

Sue's Beauty Shop 4700 N Dixie

Suggestive Some-Things Boutique 6510 N Dixie

Sullivan's Barbers 4220 N Dixie

Sullivan Well Drilling 2225 Sherer
Edward Sullivan

Sunny Acres Mobile Home Park 3543 Needmore X

Sunny's Dairy Bar 6518 N Dixie X

Sunoco Gas 2001 Needmore

Super America 2145 Needmore

Super Press 3201 N Dixie

Super Wash Car Wash 2030 Needmore

Superior Interiors 6036 N Dixie

Superior Office Supply N Dixie X

Superior Quality Co 3008 N Dixie

Surrell & Sons Plating Inc 3114 N Dixie

Sutherland Brothers Dairy 4625 N Dixie X

Swifty Oil 5435 N Dixie

Swifty Oil 3420 Needmore

Swindlers Market 4702 Bryant

Swinger Lounge (rear of the Way Out) Republic


T.G. Brown's Auto Mart 5513 N Dixie X

TDC Road & Truck Service 3339 N Dixie X

TP Mechanical Contractore Inc 2254 Drill X 937-2544592

2000 Nails 3856 N Dixie X 937-277-6624

Taco Inn 5832 N Dixie

Tap Room 4916 N Dixie X

Tasty Pantry Restaurant 2826 N Dixie X RA 9490 CR4-9490 Earl Collins

Tate & Lyle 5698 Brentlinger Rd X

Taylor Bookkeeping 3801 N Dixie

Taylor Williams Dentistry 6800 N Dixie

Tech Development Inc 2601 Timber Lane X

Tega Precision Machine 5711 Wadsworth X

Texaco Auto Service 3307 N Dixie X

Thimbledrome Raceway 5651 N Dixie X

Third National Bank 4600 N Dixie X

Thomas Williams Dentist 6800 N Dixie

Throckmorton's Market 2626 Ome X

Thunderbolt Traders Inc 6512, 6855, & 6900 N Dixie X 890-3344

Tibbett's (TIBCO) Plumbing & Heating 4509 N Dixie

Tile Fare Dixie at Needmore X

Tim Horton's Coffee 2312 Needmore

Timberlane Banquet Hall 5500 N Dixie

Timber Lane Mobile Home Park 2000 Timber Lane X

Tip Top Market 2501 Ontario X

Tire Center 4201 N Dixie

Tire Express 4866 Wadsworth

Tires Unlimited

Titan Auto Insurance 6229 N Dixie

Tom's Marathon 2250 Wagoner Ford X

Tommy and Jim's Barber Shop 2400 Coronette

Tommy's Barber Shop

Toms Marathon

Tool Crib 3348 Needmore

Tooltite Mfg Co 5370 Wadsworth

Top Flite Supper Club 3609 N Dixie X

Top Hat Service 5650 N Dixie

Tops Inc 2951 Boulder X

Total Hair Designs 2066 Republic

Total Service Co. & Furniture 6001 N Dixie

Toyota Plaza North 3899 N Dixie

Traffic Circle Beauty Shop

Traffic Circle Flea Market

Traffic Circle Texaco 3620 N Dixie

Traffic Circle Tire Center 3620 N Dixie X

Travelers Motel 2875 N Dixie

Tri County Carpet Supply

Triangle Insurance

Trimbach's Drive-In 4516 N Dixie X

Trimbach's Market 4912 N Dixie
William Trimbach

Trimbach's Meats 4908 N Dixie

Tropical Tanning Center Inc 4990 Northcutt Place

Turvene Billiards 4302 N Dixie

TruVision Health with Frogjunkiee 2223 Ontario

Tuxedo Feed Store 5100 Wire
Earl Roller

Twin Diners 3330 N Dixie X

Twisted-J Customs 6417 N Dixie

Tyler's Grocery 5700 N Dixie
N. T. Tyler

Type Rite Sales & Service 1601 Needmore

Typewriter Repair 3299 N Dixie


Underwriters Insurance Agency 5525 N Dixie

United Dairy Farmers 3715 N Dixie

United Dairy Farmers 1943 E Siebenthaler

Valkommen Smorgasbord 2900 N Dixie X

Valley Industrial Crane 2054 Drill X 937-254-4592

Vandalia State Bank 4600 N Dixie X

Vanderhorst & Manning CPA 6105 N Dixie

Venus Club N Dixie

Vera-K Ceramics 2243 Keenan

Vern E Dexter Plumbing & Htg. 2021 Sherer

Veterans of Foreign Wars Wadsworth X

Vic Cassano – Mom Donisi Pizza 3315 N Dixie

Victory Construction Company 5735 N Dixie

Video Towne Inc 1886 Needmore X

Village Pizza 3630 N Dixie

 Volunteers of America 4201 N Dixie

W.H. Hartmier Nationwide Ins 4700 N Dixie

W.J. Glaser Power Equipment 3315 N Dixie

Wagoner Ford Gulf 2250 Wagoner Ford

Wagoner Ford Sunoco Wagoner Ford X

Waffle House 2226 Needmore

Waffle Wagon 6610 N Dixie

Walgreen Co 5651 N Dixie

Wall Comonoy Corp 5251 Webster

Wall Street

Walter's Dry Cleaners 4910 N Dixie
Walter Reaster

Warehouse Records N Dixie X

Wasserstrom Company 1949 Needmore X

Watkins's Carpet Company 3850 N Dixie

Way In Lounge 4916 N Dixie

Way Out Lounge Republic

Webb's Safety Shoes 3880 N Dixie

Weikert & Clark's Christmas Trees

Weiler's Fruit Farm Market Bartley & Brantford X

Wells Electric 4008 N Dixie

Wendy's 5391 N Dixie X

Wendy's 2311 Needmore

Wes's Sunoco Service 4111 N Dixie X CR4-5711

Westward Ho 2900 N Dixie X

Whiskey Barn 2100 Needmore

White Tower 2226 Needmore X

Wick & Tobias General Store 4915 N Dixie X

Wicks General Store 4915 N Dixie
RA 1082 CR4-1082 Merle Wick

Wicks Mulch Co 4915 N Dixie

Wicks Salt Supply 4915 N Dixie

Wilfred J. Glaser Co 3313-15 N Dixie

Wm. (Earl) Human 2248 Wagoner Ford

Will Deaton Agency 2008 Needmore X

Williams Welldrilling 4948 Shadeland
Dristel Williams

Wiltshire's Grocery 4601 Webster
OR 5115

Wilson Animal Clinic Inc 5340 N Dixie

Wilson Concepts (Lord Corp) 4644 Wadsworth

Wilson Concrete Products 2721 Timber Lane X

Wilson's Tree Surgery 1960 Neva

Wilson Well Drilling 3495 Ridge X

Window City Plus 3321 N Dixie X 937-253-6000

Winks Printing 2110 Needmore

Winters National Bank 5730 N Dixie

Wintrow (Dewey L.) Coal 4400 N Dixie X

Woodland Hills Trailer Park 4401 Woodland Hills Blvd

Woods Dry Cleaners

Working Mans Friend Gas 5435 N Dixie X

Worldwide Equipment 5750 Poe X

Wray's Enterprise 5505 N Dixie

Yale Windows Doors & Patios 2725 Needmore

Ye Horseless Carriage 4000 N Dixie

Yoder Industries Inc 2520 Needmore

Yogurts 1950 N Dixie

Young's Variety Store 2819 Boulder
George Young

Young's Paint & Decorating 3805 N Dixie

Young's Sohio Service N Dixie

Zeke's Restaurant 6129 N Dixie X

Zo's Body Shop 4100 N Dixie

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