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The Northridge Optimist Club
Club #24-305
PO Box 131211
Dayton, OH 45413


Meetings: Noon Tuesdays
Check Current Club Schedule below for location

An invitation to Northridge Alumni:

Optimists – Bringing out the Best in Kids.

 The Northridge Optimist Club has been active in the Northridge community for the past 50 years in providing youth scholarships, services and activities. Our club is interested in reaching out to the community for potential members to join us in serving the community, and would like to make Northridge alumni aware of this opportunity. A “Membership Invitation Brochure” is available to download HERE, with more information on our club and what we do. Meeting schedules are available on our WEBSITE along with more information on club activities and club contact information. Come visit us for lunch – be our guest, and see what you think.

 (Please check the club website Bulletin Board for current schedules to confirm the meeting place).



Membership Invitation Brochure: Download this brochure for more information on becoming an Optimist Club member and learning about Optimist International. Keep it as a handy reference or to hand out to friends. It is your invitation to  join us in helping give back to our community. 

The "Polar Bear Initiative" for 2020

Supporting Educational Enhancements for Northridge Students through the
Northridge Polar Bear Foundation Fund
  - a component fund of The Dayton Foundation
The 2020 Polar Bear Fund Initiative
The last several months have been a challenge for the Northridge school district, with the tornado devastation in 2019, and the COVID-19 related setbacks and strains on the budget in 2020. The Northridge Optimist Club and The Dayton Foundation are seeking donors to help sustain the kind of support that enriches the educational experience for the students. We are reaching out to friends of the Northridge Optimist Club, Northridge alumni, area businesses, and community members to help support these efforts for the coming school year, and beyond.
See the donation information at the right.  
Why this Year is Important:
Your help is especially needed this year. What would have been the 37th Annual Northridge Optimist Club Golf Scramble fundraiser, usually held in September, has been cancelled for 2020 due to the pandemic situation. Since this golf event is held for the benefit of the Polar Bear Foundation Fund, there will be no funds to add the the foundation for the coming school year without additional support from the community.
The 2019 golf outing fundraiser contributed about $5000 to the foundation from donations, sponsorships, and golfing fees, which covered the grants for the 2019-2020 school year. The Donors and hole sponsors are recognized in the 2019 event program on the event page on this website 2019 Northridge Optimist Scramble Report(CLICK HERE) - the sponsorship recognition list is shown at the bottom of the web page. Donors to the fund for 2020 will be recognized in a similar way on the club website.
What is the Northridge Polar Bear Foundation Fund?
The THE NORTHRIDGE POLAR BEAR FOUNDATION FUND was started by Northridge Local Schools as an endowment with The Dayton Foundation for funding school related programs that were not covered by school district budgets. The fund was started with an initial investment of $23,000, $16,000 of which was donated by Northridge Optimist Club. The stipulation for the use of funds was to preclude its use for scholarships.

The disbursement of funds is handled as a grant process, with an advisory committee that evaluates applications for funds.  The Northridge Optimist Club has three members on the advisory committee, which also includes the Superintendent of Northridge Schools, and a representative from The Dayton Foundation. The application form is made available through the school. 

Several grants have been made over the past few years for various educational programs initiated by teachers for enhancing and developing students' reading, writing, vocabulary, creative, and organizing skills.  In July of 2016 the club donated an additional $5,000 to the Polar Bear Fund. As of 2020 the club has contributed nearly $30,000 to the Polar Bear Fund and awards have been granted for about the same amount. The fund is currently disbursing about $4500 or more per school year for educational enhancements to benefit the learning experience of Northridge students of all grade levels. 
The Northridge Optimist Club is proud of its contributions to this fund and recognizes the value of enhancing the educational experience for Northridge students.  
​Some Examples of Polar Bear Grants:
A total of $5084 in grants were awarded in the 2019-2020 school year, to supplement several educational programs, including the following:
• An awards dinner honoring the academically top 20% of graduating seniors
• A "great books" program for 4th grade language arts students
• Books for a 7th grade classroom
• High school art projects
• Math study programs for grades 3 and 5
• Science projects for STEM students
• Social skills programs for K-4
• "Girls on the Run" programs for grades 3 and 5
• Books designed for special ed students
• Two Muse Machine performances at the school for grades 6-12

These are typical of the types of programs that are supported - things that fall outside of what is provided by the school district curriculum, but that provide great enrichment and added scope to the student experience. 
Secure online credit card donations to the Northridge Polar Bear Foundation Fund can be made directly to The Dayton Foundation by clicking the "Donate" button which will transfer you from this website to the appropriate fund donation page on The Dayton Foundation's website.
Thank you for your desire to contribute and help make a difference. Please note the Northridge Polar Bear Foundation Fund #3451 is a component fund of The Dayton Foundation, and we process all gifts and donations through their website. Kindly click the ‘Donate’ button and you will be redirected to the foundation's website where you will be able to contribute to the Northridge Polar Bear Foundation Fund #3451.  Thank you for your support!
​If you prefer to donate by check, you may download a printable mail-in form by clicking the button below. Checks should be made out to The Dayton Foundation, with "for the Northridge Polar Bear Foundation Fund #3451" filled out in the notation area.

Above: an excerpt from the Feb. 2019 issue of "Dividends", published by Northridge Schools, featuring a presentation of Polar Bear grants at a Northridge School Board meeting.
Click the photo to download the full copy (story on page 2).

We hope to be able to support Northridge education with grants
​ for the 2020-2021 school year at the same level as in the past.

With your help the "Polar Bear Initiative" can make this possible.

​Club schedule, news, and updates.
All photos property of Northridge Optimist Club. All rights reserved.
2019 -2020 Optimist Year, October 1, 2019  through September 30, 2020
See Bulletin Board Archives for Past Years:
This page contains postings for the current Optimist year which goes from October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020. See the Bulletin Board Archives blog page for archives of previous bulletin board postings.  To review the club events and activities from the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 Optimist years, see the "ARCHIVES: PREVIOUS POSTINGS" in the right hand column of that page, and click on the "OCTOBER 2017" or "OCTOBER 2018" listing for the postings of those years. The archives also contain additional prior listings by month and year for prior years, as show in the list. The <<Previous link at the bottom of each page may also be used to navigate to prior postings on the Bulletin Board Archives page.  ​
 Current Club Schedule:​​
Meetings on Tuesdays at Noon,
held at 
Brixx Ice Co.,
500 E. 1st St., Dayton, Ohio 45402, unless otherwise indicated.
​Please check club website bulletin board weekly for updates.
(No club meetings during the holiday weeks of Christmas and New Years Day)

• Meeting Schedule is on hold until further notice.​
• 2020 Northridge Optimist Club Golf Scramble cancelled.

• Watch this Bulletin Board page for announcements.

Update of August 20, 2020:
The "Polar Bear Initiative" for 2020
The "Polar Bear Initiative" is a campaign to support educational enhancements for Northridge students through the
Northridge Polar Bear Foundation Fund

- a component fund of The Dayton Foundation.

As announced in the Bulletin Board post of July 28 (see below) the annual golf outing fundraiser that feeds this fund has been cancelled for 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But the need is still there for the students of Northridge to benefit from the grants that this fund provides.
Learn more about this fund and how it benefits the students. Click the button on the left to go the Polar Bear Fund page on this website, where there is also a direct link to The Dayton Foundation for secure online donations to the Northridge Polar Bear Foundation Fund. See how you can help!

Update of July 28, 2020:
2020 Golf Outing Cancelled:
What would have been the 37th Annual Northridge Optimist Club Golf Scramble fundraiser, usually held in September, has been CANCELLED FOR 2020 due to the pandemic situation
​• The need to support the education of Northridge students is still there for the 2020-2021 school year, so we hope you can still help in providing donations to this cause. To learn more about the Northridge Polar Bear Foundation Fund, and see how you can help, go to the fund page by clicking on the button at the right. Since the golf event is held for the benefit of the Polar Bear Foundation Fund, there will be no funds to add the the foundation for the coming school year without additional support from the community.
 • The COVID-19 status in our area, and the uncertain outlook through the September 2020 time frame have made it imperative to make this difficult decision to insure the safety and health of everyone involved. Based on responses to a member-wide survey, the consensus was to skip the event for this year and concentrate on other options for raising money for the Northridge Polar Bear Foundation Fund, which provide grant money through The Dayton Foundation to support educational enhancements that are not covered by school district budgets.  
• supported our event last year, and in previous years. We hope that next year pThe members of the Northridge Optimist Club thank all of the golfers, sponsors, and donors who have rovides a better opportunity for an event where we can all get together.

The report on last year's event, with a list recognizing the 2019 donors and sponsors, is included at the bottom of the Northridge Optimist Club Golf Scramble page (CLICK HERE). Donations that are made to the Northridge Polar Bear Foundation Fund this year will be recognized in a similar manner on the club website.

Update of July 24, 2020:
Top Grads Recognized on Northridge Schools Website:
The tribute to the academic top 20% of the 2020 Northridge graduates includes the Northridge Optimist Scholarship recipients.
• CLICK HERE to go to the school website for a video presentation honoring these students. Scroll down the home page (the video is right below the virtual graduation video - it looks like the image shown on the right).
​ • Eight of the twenty-six students in the video were recipients of the Northridge Optimist Scholarships and Sharron Braun Cargill/Northridge Optimist Scholarships. In addition, four of them were previous contestants in our 2017 club Essay Contest when they were Freshman. Congratulation to these students for their outstanding accomplishments.

Update of July 1, 2020:

Update of June 14, 2020:
Congratulations to the
Northridge High School Class of 2020:
One Saturday, June 13th Northridge Schools released a Graduation Video on District Website and Facebook Page:
Website: website:
Facebook: Northridge High School Class of 2020 Virtual Graduation
On Monday, June 15th at 6:00 pm: Seniors and their families will participate in a car parade which will end at the Dixie Drive In where seniors will be awarded their diplomas prior to the showing of the graduation video on the big screen. 

Update of June 4, 2020:
Northridge Optimist Club in the News:
• "The Dividends of Learning in Northridge Schools" is a publication by the Northridge Board of Education. ​The "Dividends" is mailed to homes and businesses in the Northridge area to give updates and stories on school district activities. The Optimist Essay Contest that was sponsored by the Northridge Optimist Club is featured on page 1 of the June 2020 issue.
​• The issue can be seen on this link:

Update of May 15, 2020:
Optimist Essay Contest:
• A report on the club level Optimist Essay Contest, sponsored by Optimist International, and conducted locally by Northridge Optimist Club is now posted under "Activities" on this website. (CLICK HERE). Both the original date, and the rescheduled date for the Essay Contest awards luncheon had to be postponed, so the awards were mailed to the winners, and they are being recognized with this online report. 
Update of May 13, 2020:
Polar Bear Fund:
Between May 3, and May 11 the club's Polar Bear Fund committee members communicated via email to hold a review of the current requests for grants from the Northridge Polar Bear Foundation Fund.
• There were two grant requests for the Spring cycle that were now up for consideration.
1) A leadership camp trip for the boys basketball team in June (possibly will be postponed until July). 
2) Two Muse Machine performances at the school for grades 6-12, for Sept. 2020 and Nov. 2020. 
• The committee approved amounts of $934 to request #1 and $750 to request #2, for a total of $1684.00. (The fund guidelines suggest an amount of approximately $1500 be granted for each cycle.

  (See more on the Polar Bear Fund page on this website).

• The club Scholarship Committee, in conjunction with school counselors, selected the 2020 recipients of the Optimist Club of Dayton-Northridge Scholarship Fund scholarships. These are administered by The Dayton Foundation. A total of $6600 will be awarded, among four Northridge High School seniors, and two Miami Valley Career Technology Center seniors whose home school is Northridge.
•In addition, two Northridge seniors were selected for the Sharron Braun/Cargill Northridge Optimist Scholarships, awarded by Cargill Inc. for Northridge seniors planning to attend Sinclair College. These are for $1200 per year for each student, totaling $4800 for the two year period.
(See more on the 
Scholarships page on this website).

Update of May 7, 2020:
​Club Activities:
• Because the awards luncheon for the Optimist Essay Contest could not be held as usual, the awards have now been mailed to the contestants. 
Updates of April 22 & April 30, 2020:
Club Activities:
• With the social distancing guidelines still in place, and this week's announcement that schools will not be holding in-class sessions for the rest of this school year, club meetings will be on hold until further notice.
• Our usual projects of Northridge and MVCTC scholarships will still be awarded this year for the graduating seniors. When and how they will be presented is not yet determined, but the scholarships will be granted.
• Both the original date, and the rescheduled date for the Essay Contest awards luncheon had to be postponed, and the club is now making other plans to get the awards to the winners.
• Watch for next week's Bulletin Board to get further developments.
Optimist Kid's Day in the Park Cancelled:
It was just announced by the organizers that the "Optimist Kid's Day in the Park" that had been scheduled for Saturday, August 1, 2020, has been cancelled. The program, sponsored by Kettering Noon Optimist Club, presents a day with a multitude of fun activities for kids, Kindergarten to 8th Grade, held annually at Delco Park at 1700 Delco Park Drive, in Kettering. It is planned to resume next year on August 7, 2021,
Update of April 14, 2020:
Congratulations to Superintendent Jackson!
The Northridge Optimist Club offers congratulations to Northridge Local Schools Superintendent David Jackson. Last month he was selected as the 2020 Outstanding Superintendent by the Southwest Region Ohio School Boards Association at their Spring Conference in Lebanon, Ohio. The Southwest Region of OSBA represents 157 school districts in 17 counties of southwestern Ohio: Adams, Brown, Butler, Champaign, Clark, Clermont, Clinton, Darke, Greene, Hamilton, Highland, Logan, Miami, Montgomery, Preble, Shelby, and Warren. 

​Read a full report on the award in the April 2020 issue of the "Dividends of Learning in Northridge Schools" by


Update of April 8, 2020:
Club meetings and activities are still on hold and there are no updates since the last update of March 20, March 25, and April 1 other than the fact that the school closings will last at least until May 1. The club meeting schedule is undetermined. With the closing of restaurants in addition to the schools, and the "stay at home" directive, we will have to wait and see how things develop. 

Watch for email updates, and check the website Bulletin Board page for any schedule announcements.

The Northridge Optimist Club
Club #24-305
PO Box 131211, Dayton, OH 45413
Meetings: Noon Tuesdays
Check website for current locations and schedule